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Divorce Support Guidance

Kathey Batey has helped hundreds of people going through the trauma of divorce. Working with individuals and groups who share pain of divorce and need direction during this difficult time. She is the author of the book Suddenly Single and the creator of the program ReDesigning Your Life and Divorce Support Anonymous.

“It is not, nor will ever be my intention to dishonor marriage or encourage divorce. This website is to help those who find themselves in this treacherous territory and need help surviving it.”

- Kathey Batey

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Get support during and
after divorce

Join a support group

As groups form, they also bond. I’ve seen it hundreds of times with hundreds of people. It helps us know we are not alone and we can feel safe, encouraged and brave to move forward. After this experience you will have dealt with the trauma of divorce to be a healed and healthy person again. Nothing will stop you now!

Lead your own support group

Have you ever felt the calling to lead a small group of people going through the trauma of divorce in your church or your community?

Divorce Support Anonymouse’ Leader‘s Program includes all the materials and guideance you will need to conduct your own group.

Get the support you need to move forward intentionally.

How Not To Screw Up Your Kids Going Through Divorce