DSA Program

Divorce Support Program

We Are Your Community

Don’t go through divorce alone. Belong with a group of people for 10 weeks or up to 6 months as we journey together through the difficult aspects of divorce.

Grief, fear, major decisions, coparenting, frustrations, establishing a new life, new boundaries and implementing a plan, taking small steps and taking important calculated risks.

You determine how far you want to go

and how long you want support:

First Step

Support Group

10 Weeks

Join others going through divorce who understand what you are experiencing.
A guided facilitator will take you through the emotions, decisions, acceptance and moving forward in divorce.

It is powerful to hear someone else articulate your pain. You will know you are not alone.

Books included: Workbook –The Four Stages of Divorce, 1st book in the series Suddenly Single – Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce

Second Step

Build Your Future After Divorce

8 Weeks

One night a week after Support group, we work intentionally to create and design your future, working toward a goal of your New Life Declaration to be shared with the group at the end of this session.

Book included: Suddenly Single Building Your Future After Divorce

Third Step


5 Weeks

After creating your future, a supportive mastermind group will be a safe place of accountability to share how your new life is going and how your plan is working.

Books included: Suddenly Single – Processing Your First Year After Divorce, The Mastermind to My New Life

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About DSA

Kathey Batey has helped hundreds of people going through the trauma of divorce. Working with individuals and groups who share pain of divorce and need direction during this difficult time. She is the author of the book Suddenly Single and the creator of the program ReDesigning Your Life and Divorce Support Anonymous.

“It is not, nor will ever be my intention to dishonor marriage or encourage divorce. This website is to help those who find themselves in this treacherous territory and need help surviving it.”

– Kathey Batey

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    Preparing For Meditation workbook (download)
    Divorce Support Anonymous workbook – The Fours Stages of Divorce
    Suddenly Single – book Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce

    2nd Shipment
    Suddenly Single – workbook Building Your Future After Divorce
    Suddenly Single Journal – workbook Processing Your First Year After Divorce


    The cost of this program is $88 billed monthly. Paypal.me/Katheybatey or send a check:
    Spirited Presentations PO 150286 Grand Rapids, MI. 49515
    There is no obligation to stay the full 6 months. You can leave the group at any time. Partial refunds of the
    month will not be made.

    In registering for this group I agree to the following statements:

    Promoting Safety of the group
    I will keep the group safe by my conversation, my confidentially, my concern for other members of the group. I will not pursue individual contact without mutual consent of the others.

    Total confidentiality
    If I speak of any sacred secrets I hear in group, I will speak to God in prayer for those who need it.

    Not to give advice
    We don’t know all the circumstances of the situations and it changes the dynamics and the safety of the group if people are advising each other. We can speak, “If that were me, I would…”

    I realize I am entering a group of wounded souls, just like mine. I commit not to pursue a close relationship with
    the opposite sex. I know I am not ready nor healed enough to be in a relationship.