The D.S.A. workbook carries you through 8 weeks of the 4 Stages of Divorce: Emotions, Decisions, Acceptance, Moving Forward.

The self-guiding videos are short videos to get you directed through the four stages. These videos can be used in groups or individually. They will be used in the on-line support group as well.

Suddenly Single Book – Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce. Written by Kathey Batey is a gentle guide to help you through the details of your divorce, with stories everyone going through divorce can relate to.

10 Week on-line support group – For 10 weeks you will have access to a live online support group with people around the country who are experiencing their own divorce. We will speak to the individual experiences and questions for those involved.

3 – 30 Minute consultations – Valued at $75 for this individual consultation, you can set up a time to speak individually with Kathey Batey, Divorce Consultant, creator of Divorce Support Anonymous who has worked with hundreds of individuals since 2005.