Stage 1 – Emotions

So many emotions emerge when we go through divorce. It is critical to get these emotions out to process through them so the emotions don’t run away with us.

Learn how to manage those emotions.
Get to the bottom of those emotions
Release those emotions in a healthy way.


Stage 2 – Decisions

During the most difficult time of your life, you have the most critical decisions of your life. Your decisions will affect you and your children in profound ways.

We cover the most important topics to insure you don’t go through the process without knowledge of the systems you will be dealing with.

Avoiding the court system as much as possible
Process options for divorce


Stage 3 – Acceptance

Acceptance of your losses is necessary in the process of grief. Grieving is a precious time of unloading the burden you carry.
Tears flush the toxins from us. God holds our tears and has a place where tears end.

Look around you in gratitude for what you have to build with now.

Accepting the life you have.

Accepting new relationships, new finances, life without sex and traditions.


Stage 4 – Moving Forward

Now is time to start looking forward and building the life you want.

What needs to stay in your life and what needs to go? What doesn’t fit anymore?

Who are the people in your life that are positive for you? Who lifts you up and doesn’t hold you down?

Who do you need to “love from a distance?”

Determining boundaries for your new life.